15 items you should declutter from your home right now!


Do you have too many ‘things’? Then there is never a better time than the present to do a declutter.

Why not use our checklist and get rid of these things this weekend!

Remember to donate, recycle or even sell your unused items so they don’t end up in landfill.



Tick off the following items as you go through them.

Ο    Clothes and shoes that don’t fit, are too old or you don’t wear anymore.

Ο    Expired food from the pantry.

Ο    Food that has been in your freezer for too long.

Ο    Old or unused condiments from your kitchen.

Ο    Unused kitchen gadgets and cookware.

Ο    Clutter and unused items that have been moved out to the garage.

Ο    Duplicates of tools.

Ο    Books, magazines, and DVDs that need a new home.

Ο    Expired medications.

Ο    Skincare products and make-up that are expired or more than a year old.

Ο    Old towels and bed linen.

Ο    Holiday decorations that need to be retired.

Ο    Old phone chargers and other unused cords.

Ο    Old or unused craft and hobby supplies.

Ο    Your kids or grandkids toys that are no longer played with.



Reader’s tip: consider donating unwanted items to local charities. Such as crockery to an Alzheimer’s hostel, books to the local rotary club, blankets to the RSPCA or local homeless shelters, kids toys to a woman’s shelter and so on. Op shops are often the ‘norm’ for dropping off donations, but there are many other charities that may need your old wares.


Source: www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/20-items-you-should-declutter-from-your-home-right-now/