Because getting rid of your possessions can be both physically and emotionally challenging, here are our top tips to help you along the way!

  • Understand your needs. If you’re moving into a two-bedroom house, four sets of sheets should be plenty. The rest can go.
  • Try to pack the things you want to keep and what’s left unpacked can be donated or handed on.
  • Moving isn’t cheap, don’t deceive yourself by thinking that you will sort it out when you move. You won’t! Do you really want to move things (and have increased costs) that you don’t want in the end?
  • Have a collection you are struggling to part with? Take photos and keep these as memento’s, as a photo album can take up a lot less space than a lifetime collection or two!
  • Ask a family member to teach you the ropes with any online selling apps, if you aren’t that tech savvy.
  • Go digital wherever possible. Consider organising all your bills and other correspondence to come via email instead of having paper clutter in your new home. You can also digitalise old photos and negatives, download favourite movies, music or games rather than keeping all the CDs, DVDs and maybe even VHS’s.
  • Celebrate your home and belongings with family and friends before you move. Remember that it’s the people in your life you cherish, not the stuff around you.
  • To ensure you surround yourself with the items that you love the most, dispose of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.
  • If you are buying new items, consider choosing multipurpose items. Furniture and items with dual functionality will maximise the use of space and help keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Research storage solutions that work for your space, like under-bed drawers or wall shelves.